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The Mysteries of Christmas

Mystery 1


After hearing about a co-worker’s cousin in need of a liver, a man donated his liver to a complete stranger — and then married her. Former Marine Chris Dempsey decided to get tested to see if he was a match even though he’d never seen or heard of Heather Krueger before. It turned out, they were a match in more ways than one. After undergoing the major surgery, the two quickly became more than friends and tied the knot over a year later. Their triumphant love story even inspired the Hallmark Christmas movie, Once Upon a Miracle.


Mystery 2

Oladipupo Baruwa, 45, an investment promotion officer, and Funke Baruwa, 43, a gender and development expert, pose for a photograph at home in Abuja, Nigeria. “Well, he is persistent. We met at a church on the first Sunday service of the year 2000 and he followed me home after every service from that day on until about two years later. I just loved his persistence and the fact that he didn’t want to give up,” said Funke. After the birth of their first daughter in 2013 the pair made a commitment that, whatever lay ahead, they would face it together. “For me, that has always been the unifying factor… Marriage is a commitment, it is hard work and when you are willing to work at it, you get better,” Baruwa said.

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Mystery 3

Two little children were sitting by the fire one cold winter’s night. All at once, they heard a timid knock at the door and one ran to open it. There, outside in the cold and the darkness, stood a child with no shoes upon his feet and clad in thin, ragged garments. He was shivering with cold, and he asked to come in and warm himself. “Yes, come,” cried both the children; “you shall have our place by the fire. Come in!” They drew the little stranger to their warm seat and shared their supper with him, and gave him their bed, while they slept on a hard bench. In the night they were awakened by strains of sweet music and, looking out, they saw a band of children in shining garments approaching the house. They were playing on golden harps, and the air was full of melody. Suddenly the Stranger Child stood before them; no longer cold and ragged, but clad in silvery light. His soft voice said: “I was cold and you took Me in. I was hungry, and you fed Me. I was tired, and you gave Me your bed. I am the Christ Child, wandering through the world to bring peace and happiness to all good children. As you have given to Me, so may this tree every year give rich fruit to you.” So saying, He broke a branch from the fir tree that grew near the door, and He planted it in the ground and disappeared. But the branch grew into a great tree, and every year it bore wonderful golden fruit for the kind children.

Culled from Imom


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